The period during which affected entrepreneurs can apply for a deferment of tax payments has been extended until 1 September 2020. Any default penalties for late payment do not have to be paid. The rates of tax interest and late payment interest have been reduced to 0.01% until 1 October 2020 for all types of tax.

In addition, the other tax measures introduced, namely the relaxation of the hour criterion for self-employed persons, the mortgage payment holiday, the VAT exemption for medical aids and the VAT exemption for the loaning out of healthcare personnel, are being extended until 1 September 2020.

Entrepreneurs will be immediately granted a three-month deferment of payments on submission of their first application. An application only needs to be submitted once for this three-month period.

Please note:
Entrepreneurs who apply for a deferment of more than three months may not pay out any dividends or bonuses or buy back their own shares.

A deferment granted for more than three months will last until the deferment is withdrawn, which will not be before 1 September 2020. Upon expiry of the deferment entrepreneurs will be offered an appropriate payment arrangement. What this payment arrangement will involve is not yet clear.