The contribution towards payroll costs that can be obtained via the NOW scheme does not have to be reduced by any wage expenses subsidy (LKS) that an employer may be receiving for employees with an occupational disability. This has been announced by Tamara van Ark, State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment.


NOW scheme

Under the NOW scheme employers can get up to 90% of their payroll costs reimbursed by the government if their turnover drops by at least 20%. This scheme replaces the short-time working scheme and has been set up as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis. The drop in turnover does not have to be connected with the coronavirus crisis.


Wage expenses subsidy

The wage expenses subsidy is intended for employers who hire a person with an illness or disability. This subsidy can be obtained for employees who are unable to earn the minimum wage and makes up the difference between the wage value and the minimum wage. It is intended for employees who fall within the target group of the job arrangement for persons with an occupational disability (‘banenafspraak’).


No deduction

Contrary to previous plans, the wage expenses subsidy will not be deducted from the compensation received under the NOW. The fact that this will result in a double contribution towards payroll costs is something that the State Secretary is prepared to accept, partly because the costs are limited.


Notification obligation no longer applies

As a result of the above change, the employer is no longer obliged to notify the local authority, which is responsible for implementing the wage expenses subsidy for employees with an occupational disability, of its application for a subsidy under the NOW scheme.