The late payment interest that is generally charged after the deadline for tax payments has passed is being lowered temporarily from 4% to 0.01%. This applies to all tax debts and therefore also to those of directors/major shareholders. The rate of tax interest is also being temporarily reduced to 0.01%. This reduction will apply to all taxes subject to tax interest. The Tax and Customs Administration charges tax interest if you submit your tax return late, for example.


Please note:

If the Tax and Customs Administration refunds late payment interest, the rate of 4% is maintained.


A payment discount is granted for provisional income and corporation tax assessments that are settled in a single payment. In such cases the rate of late payment interest applicable at that time is taken as a basis. If, however, the temporary reduction in this rate means that hardly any discount is received, the discount based on a rate of 4% can be obtained by lodging an objection.