The support being offered under the Tozo scheme for self-employed persons in financial need is being
extended until the end of September 2020. Under the Tozo scheme a person’s income is
supplemented up to the level of the minimum social income and this does not have to be paid back.

Conditions tightened to include partner test
Unlike Tozo 1.0, Tozo 2.0 will include a partner test, as previously announced. If the partner’s income
results in the family income exceeding the minimum social income, under the new scheme a selfemployed person will therefore no longer receive any income support. However, there will still be no
means test: the viability of the business will not be considered and the so-called ‘kostendelersnorm’
(cost standard divisor) will still not be applied. The cost standard divisor means that if several adults
are living together, the benefit payment is lower, as it is assumed that the costs will be shared. This
will therefore not apply under the new Tozo scheme either.

Working capital loan
It will also still be possible to obtain support in the form of a working capital loan of up to € 10,157 at a
reduced interest rate.

Please note:
Entrepreneurs can submit applications for Tozo 2.0 to the local authority in their municipality of
residence from 1 June to 30 September.