Under the Reimbursement of Fixed Costs for SMEs scheme (Tegemoetkoming Vaste Lasten MKB
(TVL)) companies can obtain compensation for their fixed costs. This will be capped at € 50,000
(previously € 20,000) for the next fourth-month period, from June to September (previously three
months). The level of the compensation will depend on the size of the company, the level of its fixed
costs and the drop in turnover. Compensation is only available to companies with a workforce not
exceeding 250 employees. The drop in turnover must amount to at least 30%. By means of these
changes the scheme has been tailored more to specific situations. That was not the case with the
Contribution for Entrepreneurs in Sectors Affected by COVID-19 scheme (TOGS) from the first support
package, which applied from March to May. Under that scheme the drop in turnover suffered and the
fixed costs incurred had to amount to at least € 4,000 for each company. The new TVL scheme is
open to the same affected sectors that were eligible for the TOGS scheme. These include catering,
recreation, gyms, events, fairs, gambling halls, venues and theatres. The compensation paid under the
new scheme will also be free of tax