Should a client and / or other parties involved have comments on the actions of an employee or on our services, then they can turn to the compliance officer of our office, Mr. R.P. Visser, or Mr P.S. van den Boogaard, director.
We assume that reports are made in good faith and express genuine, well-founded care. All reports are carefully assessed by us. We will treat your complaint or report confidentially.



The whistleblower policy guarantees that persons from outside our accounting practice and those associated with our accounting practice (including employees) can raise suspected irregularities within or (also) outside of our accounting practice without endangering their legal position. This arrangement means that complaints are recorded, treated confidentially and in a timely manner and that the irregularities complained about are, if justified, dealt with in a timely manner by taking appropriate measures by our accounting practice.

The whistleblower policy can also be downloaded as a pdf (in Dutch).



This whistleblower policy relates to the following situations:

  1. Acts that lead to offenses by Blok & van den Boogaard Registeraccountants or its employees;
  2. All actual or suspected other violations of external laws and regulations by Blok & van den Boogaard Registeraccountants or its employees;
  3. All actual or suspected violations of internal regulations by Blok & van den Boogaard Registeraccountants or its employees;
  4. (Imminent) harassment of employees by colleagues or managers;
  5. (Imminent) unlawful destruction or manipulation of data or information;
  6. And furthermore all situations that, in the opinion of a reporter, qualify for reporting to the confidential adviser.

If there are differences of opinion or complaints about the performance of Blok & van den Boogaard Register Accountants or its employees, this whistleblower policy can also be used.


The procedure for the whistleblower procedure is as follows:

  1. If there is a situation that falls within the scope of this whistleblower policy, the reporter has the option to report this to the confidential adviser, i.c. Mr R.P. Fisherman.
  2. The report to the confidential adviser is only made electronically via
  3. External third parties can also make a report via this e-mail address.
    The confidant confirms the report to the reporter within one week.
  4. The confidential adviser also informs the reporter how and within what period of time his report will be processed. This period is no later than eight weeks after receipt of the notification.
  5. If there is a situation referred to under 1 and 4, the confidential adviser immediately informs the board, whereby the source is not disclosed. The confidant also informs the reporter about this.
  6. The counselor informs the informant after eight weeks at the latest about the handling of his report and the measures that have been taken. If this period cannot be met due to unforeseen circumstances, the confidential adviser will inform the reporter of this (including the reasons for this) and indicate the period at which the reporter will be informed about the completion of his report.
  7. Mr. R.P. Visser also has the function of compliance officer at our accounting practice. If the report relates to the compliance officer, the reporter can contact P.S. van den Boogaard electronically via


The report, the correspondence about this and the treatment take place under complete confidentiality and confidentiality, unless the reporter relieves the confidential counselor of his duty of confidentiality.

The board of Blok & van den Boogaard Registeraccountants guarantees that employees who report to the confidential adviser on the basis of this whistleblower policy, that the report will in no way have a negative influence on his / her functioning within Blok & van den Boogaard Registeraccountants, or his / her career.